Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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No "Next" Button

But today we had this problem with no “next” button (and we were using Internet Explorer).

What worked for us was to use the suggestion from Renaissance I got several days ago to stop the test right then using <CTRL> <A>  (you then click “Stop” and enter the monitor password).  This stops and cancels out that test.  

This seems to allow them to start over fresh—we did this right away for the students, but encountered the same problem when they logged in again.  

So we stopped again, went to new computers, and THEN the test worked for them.   

Also, even if the system thinks they have completed the test, if it is the SAME DAY as the first try, you may have the student log in again and take the test again—the second score will be registered.  

We were able to have two students do that today as well.