Monday, February 24, 2020
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Restart Test?

This morning we had a Renaissance test that would not recognize the student’s question response. He would click on the answer and it was circled but it never advanced to the next question. The only way he progressed further was when the questioned timed out. This happened to a number of questions before we exited him from the test.

If this student signs in to finish the test will those “unanswered” questions count against him? Is there a way to have  the test start all over? When we ran the tests summary he is listed as not having a test to include.

Solution - From Ren Learning Support

When the student logs in they see the options:  Abort or Resume Test.
Our suggestion would be to Abort the Test due to the issues the students had earlier in the test.  
This way those results won’t get written into the database for his record.  
Resuming the test is one of the options if the student is prompted that.  

If they are not prompted for any of the above options other than to START a Test then this would mean nothing was written to the database so the Test did not count.