Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Airserver Licensing Precautions when Reimaging

I recently encountered an AirServer licensing issue at one of my sites. We originally purchased 32 commercial licenses and were using AirServer successfully until we had to reimage computers. After reimaging, we tried to deactivate the licenses that were associated with the reimaged computers to release those licenses, but ran into problems reactivating AirServer on those same computers.

After a very lengthy troubleshooting ordeal, we determined that if you are going to reimage a computer that is activated with an AirServer license, you must deactivate the license prior to the reimage.

When AirServer commercial licenses are purchased, AirServer sends the activation code along with an activation management URL that shows active licenses. You can deactivate computers using this management URL. AirSever’s website claims that every license purchase includes a management URL, however in my experience I have only seen the URL when purchasing commercial licenses.