Tuesday, February 18, 2020
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Turnitin.com FAQs

Turnitin FAQs

1. If a teacher wants to use Turn-it-in to check for originality but not use the program to mark up the essay how would they do it?

The teacher creates a class section for each period the teacher teaches and has the students enroll in the class. The teacher will then create an assignment and the students submit their papers to the assignment. If the teacher only wants the originality report (plagiarism check), the teacher doesn't need to do anything else with the paper--the grading piece would be the Grademark feature.

2. Can the student submit it and get a receipt to prove to the teacher that they had it verified?

When students enroll in a class, they must use an email address which becomes their user name. After they submit their assignment, turnitin.com emails them a receipt which verifies submission.

3. Does the teacher login and see a roster of the students who received receipts?

The teacher logs in and can see the students in the class for the assignment. The assignment will show who submitted the assignment on time, who submitted the assignment late, and who didn't submit the assignment.

4.  Does the teacher see the percentage of originality of each essay?

The originality report will show a percentage match for each student's paper.