Monday, February 24, 2020
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Big Brainz Information

•    Each school has a deluxe account with the Timez Attack Math Fluency Game for Grades K - 6.  This means more levels and settings to play in! (dungeon, castle, forest, lava, etc.)

•    Last year’s information has been wiped and replaced with the current year’s information.  Students have accounts by current teacher name for 2012-2013.

•    The application should be installed on your desktop and all of the computer lab desktops.  The first time anyone opens it on any computer it may take some time to install, but after that it should open quickly.  You should be playing “Timez Attack Launcher 1.75”.

•    You can schedule computer lab time for them to play during the day and/or send home the ‘New Home Use’ letter attached.  Students who played this at home last year or during the summer will need to re-download the current version to access more levels.

•    If a student asks about last year’s records, just explain to them they take the pre-test when the game starts and it will place them on the appropriate level.

•    If a student needs to be added/deleted/moved to a different class, or you need a classroom added, please email me.

•    A list of educator and student passwords is also attached (should be same as last year.)

If you are not already familiar with the game, please follow the steps below to get started.  Don’t hesitate to contact me, or Big Brainz, for assistance.  Big Brainz has a great support team and are waiting to assist you with any questions you have via phone (877) 356-7040, or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it