Monday, March 01, 2021
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KAPS - Keyboarding and Application Skills Assessment

The KAPS assessments can proceed as last year without changes. Please refer to the IUSD Intranet library page>>Computer services>>KAPS. The Current version of the word processing application test are the documents in the text box. There are 3 possible text passages. Use the same choice, either A, B or C,   for all your classes.  

The 5th grade assessment is still The protocol for the test is on this intranet page. You can record your scores for both assessment on the intranet using the same login information as last year.
If you could test and record data by the first week in June, that would be great. If you have concerns or questions, please email or call X6965.

New Information from the KAPS Committee
Please see the information attached below

KAPS is only open from February to the first week of June in the school year.  Patrice Peterson opens the site on the Intranet upon request by District Librarian.

For instructions, please use this link - username = team   password = work

5th Grade Typing Test

5th Grade Typing Test is located here

Enter KAPS Scores by using this link (updated June 2013)