Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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Current IUSD REFUND Policy for Lost Books and Refunds

Here are the general guidelines that I feel comfortable with at this point. Keep in mind, that each situation may be unique, so we may have to be flexible in terms of evaluating each case on its individual set of circumstances.

Hardcover Books:
If the student pays for a hardcover book and later finds the original book and both are in good condition, we would refund any charges we may have collected.

If we have replaced the consumable and the student has used the new copy and later finds the old copy, there would be no refund. The only time we would refund for consumable is if the 2nd copy is returned fully intact with no pages used.

In this scenario, you would remove the original copy from Destiny and that becomes the property of the family after it has been found. The new copy is the one the student would continue to use at school.