Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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How to restrict Parent Portal Access

Attached is the How-To on restricting access to Parent Portal.

This is a site-by-site decision.  Only the site administrator may restrict access to Parent Portal.  This is not a decision made by a Teacher or Media Tech.

Please take a moment to read the information below.  The questions were from me and the responses are from Mark Reider.

1. Did Legal state we may restrict the grade portion on Parent Portal? Dean W told me legal gave approval years ago. The comment was that there are many ways to access records and electronic is only one method. I have nothing in writing
a. Some of the reasons may include the items listed below
i. Fines on Textbooks
ii. Fines on Library Books
iii. Lost books
iv. Books not returned
v. Damaged books
2. Who has the authority to withhold grades at the site? Administrator who may delegate. At Elemenatry, the clerk and/or Admin Asst has the ability in Aeries
3. Or is this something that is done at the district level? No. Strictly the school level through Aeries
4. What is the process for a Librarian or Media Tech turning in a list of lost books and fines to the person in authority? The action takes place in Aeries. I have attached a how-to.
a. Is this process uniform throughout the district? No
b. Or is this a site-by-site decision? Yes
i. For Example:
ii.  School A will not restrict access if the Fines are below $1
iii. School B will not restrict access if the fines are below $5
iv. School C will restrict access no matter what the fine amount may be.

As we moved to our Textbook program at every site this summer, I am wondering if we need to find a policy that will work with everyone. Alan, This restriction is set to restrict access to certain areas of the portal.

Download this file (HowtoRestrictParentAccesstoABI.pdf)How to Restrict Parent Access to ABI[How to Restrict Parent Access to ABI]293 Kb